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Happiness Quotient Event

Join us on Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Learn about the Happiness Quotient.  

Afternoon Event from 
12:00pm to 2:00pm


Evening Event from 
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Paupers Pub, 539 Bloor Street W. (at Bathurst Street)
$12:00 pp - appetizers served.  

Reserve your spot by clicking on the appropriate time below (Afternoon or Evening).  Looking forward to seeing you there.

Afternoon Event-https://www.eventbrite.


What frequency are your thoughts on?
Your thoughts affect your emotions, which affects your actions, which affects your results.  T = E = A = R

Monitor your thoughts and feelings to produce the actions to get the results you want.  Be Happy.

Video on Thoughts

An enlightening video on our thoughts.

Renegades of Light


Are you as confident as you would like to be?  Not many people would answer "yes".  Confidence can be relative; you can be very confident in some areas and totally insecure in another.  

When you are experiencing a lack of self-confidence, take a moment and consider what you are comparing yourself too.  
If you are good at something, say running, you are feeling good about yourself and your confidence is high as you are leaving other runners behind.  Now put an expert next to you, someone who runs everyday and in competition, then your confidence will dwindle a little.

Back Pain

Your emotions and your words affect your body.  Always be aware of your emotions and how you speak about your body. 

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